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Framed StructuresEdit

A framed structure is columns with members spanning between the two create a volume of non-interrupted space.


  • Frame comprised of columns and beams
  • Frame comprised of columns and roof truss
  • Portal or rigid frame of columns and pitched beams/roof trusses


DRA family house

The main advantages to having a framed structure are that you have a massive amount of interior floor space with no internal supports needed. This results in a much more flexible floor plan and gives the designer a lot more to play around with. There is also a massive reduction in the dead weight of the building. They can be built very quickly and can be a good economical decision.

A great example of a frame in use is the DRA family house which uses a steel frame and when it is complete makes the building appear floating and suspended without any help. This succeeded because the steel frame is very light and it was designed to transfer the loads straight into the foundations and the supports.

Functional RequirementsEdit

Framed structures need to make sure their strength and stability is very good and to help reach high levels you can create a fully rigid frame normally made of concrete or steel which requires no bracing and can take a lot of stress.

Common Materials:

  • Steel: Strong in both tension and compression stress
  • Concrete: Always needs to be reinforced for best output
  • Timber: High strength to weight ratio
  • Aluminium: High strength to weight ratio. not as strong as steel but not as heavy

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Trinity Square car park: early concrete frame

Multi storey framed structures are mostly made out of steel and reinforced concrete both of which as I have said before are great materials to use. For concrete frames like the picture below all work is done on site, whether it is insitu or re-cast.
Advantages Disadvantages
Any shape A lot of labour
Reduced deflection Once it is cast it is hard to change
Reduced bending moments



Advantages Disadvantages
Any shape Skilled labour required
Very fast to build Can get expensive
Easy quality control Limited design flexibility
Entire building can be precast
High quality

If a building like mine were to have a frame then it would have to have a concrete or steel frame and by looking at the exterior it could use a concrete frame. Some of the factors of choosing between the two are cost, time scale, design which are all important to the client.